Food Justice Project

FJP Volunteer Opportunities

  • Teach-Out Committee
    Help reach out to potential Teach-Out sites, recruit participants, and help coordinate logistics and program
  • Our Food, Our Right Committee
    Support the publication of the second edition of CAGJ’s publication “Our Food, Our Right” featuring essays, analysis, growing, cooking, and eating skills, and more.
  • Educate for Action Committee
    Help develop and present a popular education series that will inform and activate the public about food justice and food sovereignty.
  • Solidarity Campaign Point Person
    Track developments and actions for one of the campaigns we support, develop fliers, print pieces, newsletter articles, blogposts, or email alerts about the campaign, help mobilize members and organize actions to further campaigns led by allied organizations.
  • Food Justice Project Intern
    We are currently looking for a Food Justice Project intern to work throughout the project by and large. Main intern projects may include organizing Teach-Outs/Ins, outreach for events and meetings, tracking participation at Teach-Outs/Ins, updating the webpage, prepping for meetings, and representing CAGJ at events in the community.
    The intern will work with a team of CAGJ activists and directly with the two project co-chairs.  Some office hours may be required, and the ability to work well independently will also be very important.  In general, the CAGJ work environment is casual and friendly, but expects accountability and dependability from its volunteers to get things done! CAGJ is a volunteer run organization with one full-time staff.  Interns play critical roles within and outside of the organization.

Many more opportunities available!  Contact for more info or attend an upcoming FJP meeting to get signed up.

See a YouTube video slideshow about Food Justice Project Teach-Outs and CAGJ’s publication, “Our Food, Our Right: Recipes for Food Justice”


CAGJ is proud to be a Central Co-op Community Partner

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